Young Adult

Bessie's Pillow closeup 250hBessie’s Pillow has the Themes Teens Love.

The perfect book for the Young Adult audience, Bessie’s Pillow has romance, adventure,¬† and a girl making it on her own against the odds.

Teens will relate to Bessie’s adventures, courage, resilience, and her struggle to fit into new and strange surroundings while staying true to her Jewish faith and heritage.

If you’re looking for a book for your teen organization, group, or book club, Bessie’s Pillow is sure to be a hit.

Young adult readers follow Bessie from her home in Lithunania where pogroms threaten her safety to freedom in New York in 1906. As she’s boarding the ship bound for America, Bessie is given a pillow and asked to find it’s owner.

Alone, 18 years old, unable to speak English, and knowing only a half sister and two friends, Bessie finds jobs in the City including in a factory on the Lower East Side.

Amazingly, she’ll find the pillow’s owner, fall in love with him, and marry. Bessie will suffer loss and tragedy but will persevere to become a successful business women.

Bessie’s Pillow is based on the true story of the author’s grandmother.

Teen group leaders may find¬† the multi-media “Bessie’s America” useful for fun supplemental information and discussion.

Teachers will find great ideas for discussion questions, book reports and term paper in the Bessie’s Pillow Teacher Resources

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