Off to America

From Kirkus reviews: “These events . . . are presented with an agreeable fluidity and ease. The author’s storytelling skills offer laid-back prose that will convince readers to care about Bessie from the start. An intimate story of fortitude and finding independence.”


Bessie's PillowTwenty million immigrants came to America between 1880 and 1924.

Most would come from Eastern and Southern Europe, others from Germany and Ireland, still others from Asia and Latin America. They passed their stories of struggle and triumph down to us, their children and grandchildren. One of those immigrants, Bessie Markman left Lithuania in 1906—alone—at the age of 18.

Written in first person, Bessie’s Pillow grabs you from the very first page and puts you in the story with her…

The Author talks about Bessie at the 92nd St. Y.