Recreation – Parks & Beaches

Hudson Park: In 1883 Alexander Hudson sold his Hudson Grove picnic area to the City of New Rochelle for $38,000.  Going to Hudson Park quickly became a favorite weekend activity where Bessie’s family would enjoy the beach and splashing in the Sound. When the family got hungry, they could get a quick snack or even supper at the refreshment pavilion. Rowing and yacht clubs built boat houses in the park, and the Rose Garden and bandstand with live music would draw summertime crowds.

See early pictures and postcards of Hudson Park:

Playland: The popular amusement park Playland in Rye, NY was a favorite of Bessie’s children. Although Playland opened in 1928, its famous Dragon Roller Coaster wasn’t completed until the next season. The coaster, one of the few wooden roller coasters still in operation, boasts 3,400 feet of track and reaches 80 feet in height. At the top, riders get a quick look at the Long Island Sound. Playland was added to the National Historic Register in 1987.

Watch the opening-day film of the Dragon Coaster: